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Every time a player is on the court, he's gaining experience, but most so in cup games, NT games, playoff games, etc.

Experience helps in a number of ways, but the important really depends upon the details of the game and of the rest of your team. Our model for a halfcourt set consists of a series of potential shots, with your players making the decision whether to take the shot or wait for a better one. A more experienced player both does a better job of recognizing whether something is a good shot and also is more likely to make the "right" decision, while a rookie might take a poor shot either out of impatience or because he doesn't know any better.

Experience also becomes important towards the end of a close game; in the last few minutes or overtime, players who have been there before tend to be at their best while rookies can't always handle the pressure.

Whether these effects are important is really a matter of opinion; as you know, we'll mention the rough effects but we don't release the underlying formulas.
The opposing team played quality defense and did not allow a good shot attempt. Would you take a bad shot with 10 seconds on the clock if you expect that continuing to run your offense is likely to produce a better one? That's a low percentage play, if so. The players on the court thought they'd get a better opportunity later in the clock. Turns out, they were wrong. Players sometimes make poor choices, especially less experienced ones. And especially with an inexperienced point guard trying to get everybody in the right place.


My understanding for an experienced player is strong+. A player with "mediocre" experience is, well, exactly what the skill name says.


im sure i read a bb post on that bb answers questions day where a bb clearly states that depending on the situation in a game exp gained may be different.

example: pg1 plays 36 mins (including the last 12 mins) in a game where his team is winning easily 102-40
pg2 plays 36 mins (including the last 12 mins) in a game where his team scraps through 102-100

id say that pg2 is going to come out of the game with more exp then pg1.