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Main Skills

The skills are listed in rough order of importance.

Point Guard
Primary Skills: Outside Defense, Passing, Jump Shot
Secondary Skills: Handling, Driving, Jump Range
Tertiary Skills: Rebounding, Inside Defense

Shooting Guard
Primary Skills: Outside Defense, Jump Shot, Jump Range
Secondary Skills: Handling, Passing, Driving
Tertiary Skills: Rebounding, Inside Defense

Small Forward (Outside Based)
Primary Skills: Outside Defense, Jump Shot
Secondary Skills: Inside Defense, Jump Range, Rebounding, Passing, Handling, Driving
Tertiary Skills: Inside Shot, Shot Blocking

Small Forward (Balanced)
Primary Skills: Outside Defense, Inside Defense, Jump Shot, Inside Shot
Secondary Skills: Rebounding, Passing, Jump Range, Handling, Driving
Tertiary Skills: Shot Blocking

Small Forward (Inside Based)
Primary Skills: Outside Defense, Inside Shot, Inside Defense, Rebounding
Secondary Skills: Jump Shot, Passing, Handling, Driving
Tertiary Skills: Jump Range, Shot Blocking

Power Forward
Primary Skills: Inside Defense, Rebounding, Inside Shot, Jump Shot
Secondary Skills: Outside Defense, Driving, Handling, Passing
Tertiary Skills: Shot Blocking, Jump Range

Primary Skills: Inside Defense, Inside Shot, Rebounding
Secondary Skills: Handling, Passing, Jump Shot, Shot Blocking
Tertiary Skills: Driving, Outside Defense, Jump Range


Skills priority

Buzzer Control Software

Game Shape=50

Jump Shot=20
Perimeter Defense=20
Inside Shot=10
Inside Defense=10
Shot Blocking=5
Free Throw=15

Jump Shot=35
Perimeter Defense=35
Inside Shot=10
Inside Defense=10
Shot Blocking=5
Free Throw=15

Jump Shot=30
Perimeter Defense=25
Inside Shot=25
Inside Defense=20
Shot Blocking=5
Free Throw=10

Jump Shot=20
Perimeter Defense=10
Inside Shot=30
Inside Defense=30
Shot Blocking=10
Free Throw=10

Jump Shot=5
Perimeter Defense=5
Inside Shot=35
Inside Defense=35
Shot Blocking=20
Free Throw=10

Maybe if we want to make things really clear we should rename things like this.

JS - Shooting from everywhere.
JR - Really expensive and slightly useful shooting skill
OD- Best Skill in Game (defence everywhere).
HA - Unimportant ball skill.
DR - Important ball skill.
PA - Essential to get the ball inside.
IS -Win!
ID - Helpful defence skill.
RE - Most important ball skill.
SB - Worthless money pit.


The game engine compares players, so as a general rule, it is valuable to train players to the point that they are more skilled than their opponents and not very valuable to train them past that point. Exactly where that point happens to be, of course, depends upon your opponents (and more generally depends upon how everybody else is training). As an aside, this is one reason shot blocking is often considered worthless -- few people have trained shot blocking to the point that the skill in blocking a shot is comparable to the skill with which the shot is attempted, and the game engine is less responsive to changes in skill when there is a large difference.

It is hard to train a big man to be a good outside shooter (for example). But, the effect of getting him a couple of extra pops is probably larger than the effect of getting those pops for a guard, and it's only fair that you have to work harder to get more of a benefit.

Shot Blocking

Shot blocking currently does four major things in the game.

1) It helps a defender block some shots, which reduces their chances of going in to zero.

2) It helps a defender alter some shots, which reduces their chances of going in substantially but not to zero.

Whenever a shot is attempted, the game engine does a probabilistic calculation to decide whether it goes in. A shot which is neither blocked nor altered might be calculated as having X chance to go in. A shot which is altered has less than X chance to go in (but greater than 0). A shot which is blocked has 0 chance to go in.

3) It contributes to the team inside defense rating, which is used as part of the calculation during every defensive possession not resulting in a back-court steal.


Help defense is not a switch on defense in the way in which it happens in zone defenses, it's just another player trying to block the shot.


Driving vs Shotblocking

The ability to create (and make) one's own shot does depend on both Driving and Inside Shot... but Driving is weighed more heavily in the calculations.


Am I correct in thinking that driving is a form of scoring in itself? For example take Tony Parker on the San Antonio Spurs. He is a PG with a poor jump shot and he is way too small to be any kind of inside player. He has scored 15 points a game on high percentages throughout his career mostly on driving and ballhandling. He gets by his man and either gets an uncontested layup, or he shoots a floater over a big man. Lebron James and Jordan earlier in his career also scored many of their points on driving. I think buzzer beater game designers acknowledged this fact as a form offense distinct from inside scoring and jump shooting.

I have seen cases where two point guard played in very tough leagues. Both point guards had very bad jump shots but the one had high driving and the other had so so driving. The former would often score around 12 points a game (I presume on all driving layups since their jump shots were terrible) while the latter would only score 4 points a game, i.e., he had no offense at all. Driving seems to be especially important for PGs as a way to score points.

I also have a theory that shot blocking is a skill primarily designed to stop driving layups. In real life basketball most blocks come from not blocking another big man attempting a post move, but from guards driving into the lane and getting swatted by a big man. I don't know what kind of help defense there is in the game engine but if it is anything like real life basketball shot blocking should be most effective at stopping driving layups from smaller players. The fact that both skills have a small impact on salary and have no effect on potential caps may mean they are linked.


Shot Blocking vs Inside Defence

1) Shot blocking is useless! I can't figure out a good enough way to use a big man who can alter or block shots in the paint, especially when rotating over to help!

2) I can't play a 2-3 zone because my big men keep giving up too many baskets to players who penetrate! There needs to be a way to stop them from getting easy looks at the basket when nobody rotates over to make their shot more difficult!



Perhaps the lack of game ratings for both driving and shot blocking, and the fact that they are the two cheapest skills in the game, is BB's way of telling us that those two skills are not as important as other skills in the game but more important than a secondary skill (i.e. driving is more important for a guard than IS or RB and SB is more important for a big man than PA or OD, but not as important as JR is for the former, or IS for the latter).