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Player efficiency

Player potential efficiency - link

History table explanation:

FG - Field Goal
3FG - 3-point FG
FT - Free Throw
OR - Offensive Rebound
TR - Total Rebound
AST - Assist
TO - Turnover
STL - Steal
BLK - Block
PF - Personal Foul

TO - the ball was either stolen, they threw it out of bounds. Unless it's a PG, if a player is having over 4 TOs a game, then I'd bench them. TOs lead to more points on the oppositions side. Unless your opponent has exceptionally amazing defense, I'd get rid of that player. Just my opinion.


better Passing and Handling help reducing turnovers


There are multiple scenarios why a brilliant shooter can post poor shooting percentages. Here are some examples:

* He plays a position where the opposition usually stacks its best defense. That would typically be SG for outside players.
* He has poor passing skills, making him shoot more, thereby driving down the percentage, since he may take bad shots instead of passing the ball.
* He is the _only_ good shooter on your team, making opposing defenses collapse on him, thereby decreasing the quality of his shots.
* You're facing some very good defensive teams, and/or choose tactics that that play away from that particular guy's strength.